Altar Candlesticks

K1130 Candlestick K1130 K1130 Candlestick $465.00
K1139CS Candlestick K1139-CS K1139CS Candlestick $365.00
K147 Candlestick K147 K147 Candlestick $235.00
K15 Candlestick K15 K15 Candlestick $110.00
K17CS Candlestick K17-C/STICK K17CS Candlestick $65.00
K250 Candlestick K250 K250 Candlestick $295.00
K312 Candlestick K312 K312 Candlestick $130.00
K480 Candlestick K480 K480 Candlestick $395.00
K522 Candlestick K522 K522 Candlestick $135.00
K525CS Candlestick K525-CS K525CS Candlestick $175.00
K526 Candlestick K526 K526 Candlestick $70.00
K535CS Candlestick K535-CS K535CS Candlestick $185.00
K544CS Candlestick K544-CS K544CS Candlestick $225.00
K750 Candlestick K750 K750 Candlestick $380.00
K841 Candlestick K841 K841 Candlestick $190.00
K851 Candlestick K851 K851 Candlestick $320.00
K861 Candlestick K861 K861 Candlestick $415.00
K862 Candlestick K862 K862 Candlestick $735.00
K871 Candlestick K871 K871 Candlestick $485.00
K872 Candlestick K872 K872 Candlestick $875.00

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