Monstrances & Ostensoria

K122M Monstrance K122-M K122M Monstrance $1,245.00
K154 Monstrance K154 K154 Monstrance $1,495.00
K155 Ostensorium K155 K155 Ostensorium $1,945.00
K158 Monstrance K158 K158 Monstrance $1,085.00
K222 Ostensorium K222 K222 Ostensorium $3,500.00
K224 Monstrance K224 K224 Monstrance $4,985.00
K2514 Ostensorium K2514 K2514 Ostensorium $4,230.00
K438 Luna Holder K438 K438 Luna Holder $435.00
K440 Chapel Monstrance K440 K440 Chapel Monstrance $1,240.00
K440NL Chapel Monstrance K440-NOLUNA K440NL Chapel Monstrance $695.00
K444 Chapel Monstrance K444 K444 Chapel Monstrance $935.00
K469 Chapel Monstrance K469 K469 Chapel Monstrance $340.00
K649 Monstrance K649 K649 Monstrance $1,310.00
K662 Monstrance K662 K662 Monstrance $4,355.00
K667 Monstrance K667 K667 Monstrance $5,185.00
K678 Monstrance K678 K678 Monstrance $3,135.00
K679 Chapel Monstrance K679 K679 Chapel Monstrance $1,395.00
K682 Monstrance K682 K682 Monstrance $2,520.00
K686 Monstrance K686 K686 Monstrance $1,915.00
K687 Monstrance K687 K687 Monstrance $3,140.00

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