Holy Oil & Lenten Items

K1001A Ash Holder K1001-A-NICK K1001A Ash Holder $66.00
K1001AG Ash Holder K1001-A-GOLD K1001AG Ash Holder $105.00
K1003 Brazier K1003 K1003 Brazier $545.00
K109 Ablution Cup K109 K109 Ablution Cup $42.00
K114 Ablution Cup K114 K114 Ablution Cup $64.00
K118 Ablution Cup K118 K118 Ablution Cup $42.00
K119 Ablution Cup K119 K119 Ablution Cup $94.00
K22 Ambry K22 K22 Ambry $1,535.00
K39 Sacristy Oil Set K39 K39 Sacristy Oil Set $315.00
K39C Case Only K39-CASE K39C Case Only $83.00
K420 Ambry Set K420 K420 Ambry Set $182.00
K43 Sacristy Oil Set K43 K43 Sacristy Oil Set $95.00
K619 Lenten Wreath K619 K619 Lenten Wreath $2,110.00
K69-1 Bishop Urn K69-1 K69-1 Bishop Urn $865.00
K69-2 Bishop Urn K69-2 K69-2 Bishop Urn $985.00
K71 Ambry Set K71 K71 Ambry Set $180.00
K71C Ambry Case K71-CASE K71C Ambry Case $165.00
K72 Ambry Set K72 K72 Ambry Set $470.00
K73 Ambry Set K73 K73 Ambry Set $215.00
K73C Ambry Case K73-CASE K73C Ambry Case $160.00

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