Miscellaneous Items

K165 Altar Cloth Fastener K165 K165 Altar Cloth Fastener $9.25
K3004 Breviary Case K3004 K3004 Breviary Case $39.00
K3004V Breviary Case K3004V K3004V Breviary Case $24.00
K321 Credence Paten K321 K321 Credence Paten $355.00
K321-7 Credence Paten K321-7 K321-7 Credence Paten $375.00
K321A Asterisk K321-AST K321A Asterisk $215.00
K321A-6 Asterisk K321-AST6 K321A-6 Asterisk $230.00
K321B Cutting Board K321-BOARD K321B Cutting Board $29.00
K3301 Clergy Sign K3301-1 K3301 Clergy Sign $7.50
K3305 Clergy Sign K3305-1 K3305 Clergy Sign $9.25
K4 Altar Cloth Fastener K4 K4 Altar Cloth Fastener $18.95
K46 Polishing Cloths K46 K46 Polishing Cloths $7.95
K47 Metal Polish K47 K47 Metal Polish $12.00
K48 Gloves K48-1 K48 Gloves $4.25
K50-LB Flannel Bag K50-LB-1 K50-LB Flannel Bag $8.25
K50-LR Flannel Bag K50-LR-1 K50-LR Flannel Bag $8.25
K50-MB Flannel Bag K50-MB-1 K50-MB Flannel Bag $7.00
K50-MR Flannel Bag K50-MR-1 K50-MR Flannel Bag $7.00
K50-O Flannel Bag K50-O K50-O Flannel Bag $18.00
K50-SB Flannel Bag K50-SB-1 K50-SB Flannel Bag $5.15

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